At RanockSoft, people are our greatest asset and we found the best solution fordeveloping a skilled technology workforce is to grow talent in-house.
We created our own corporate university, a successful strategic initiative to:

  • Increase our pool of highly skilled resources;
  • Enhance motivation and loyalty of personnel;
  • Offer a range of training and development programs for different roles and levelswithin a company;
  • Provide the ability to gain qualifications at various levels of educational attainment;
  • Tailor educational content to both the strategic and immediate needs of our organization;
  • Feature a range of delivery methods (fixed programs, consortium classes or single ad hoc classes).

The structure of RanockSoft University corresponds with the company’s key business strategies and initiatives.
IT Academy
The IT Academy provides senior year university students with opportunities for professional development and getting necessary knowledge and skills to be able to start successfully working in IT companies on junior positions.
This valuable program offers 2-4 months of intensive training programs on the use of modern software development tools and methodologies including Java, .Net, Delphi, iOS, RIA (Web), Mercury Quality Centerand DevOps.
The most successful students are employed by RanockSoft to ensure the continuous growth of our global team of highly skilled professionals.
The unique educational process resembles work on real projects. It provides trainees with valuable practical skills and a thorough understanding of the work process and requirements.
In the course of the program, students are able to acquire necessary skills in teamwork, and communication that are critical for a qualified IT professional.

Training Management Group
RanockSoft’s Training Management Group (TMG) is responsible for the professional development of all company employees including elaboration of individual training plans, on-demand training programs, new ways to increase work efficiency, etc.
Our team members continuously improve and acquire new skills that are needed within the industry as well as the current business objectives of the company.
RanockSoft has a systematic approach toward career and professional growth of each employee, providing progress evaluations on a regular basis.
An individual training plan embraces the skills and knowledge that employees should possess to advance their careers and to successfully fulfill their responsibilities.

RanockSoft Language School
Communication is the cornerstone of business success, and we strive to ensure the communication skills of RanockSoft employees exceed all customers’ expectations.
RanockSoft’s Language School provides courses to improve the command of English, with the help of the newest methodologies and educational materials.
The trainings cover a wide range of relevant business topics including effective presentations, business correspondence, telephone conferences, and more.

Certification Center
RanockSoft’s Certification Center provides employees the possibility to become  international certified industry experts in Information Technology by providing certification exams covering wide range of job roles within IT industry.
All available certification programs at RanockSoft University correspond to the global standards.
The Certification Center is an official partner of such leaders in
Testing Industry as:

  • Prometric
  • Pearson VUE
  • CASTLE Worldwide
  • Kryterion



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