Health Care

Around the globe, healthcare providers are exploring a range of options for containing rising costs throughout their systems. One of the most promising approaches is the strategic sourcing of IT services.
Healthcare providers are already commonly sourcing such services as laundry, cleaning, maintenance, and lab tests.
However, many providers have given only limited consideration to sourcing their healthcare IT services.
The time has come for them to take another look at IT sourcing.

Here’s why.
• More sophisticated and healthcare-specific
• Offer more control, not less
• Generate significant cost savings
• Significant quality improvements
Clearly, healthcare providers that are not yet pursuing alternative sourcing strategies for their healthcare IT can no longer afford to ignore this opportunity.
The risks have been greatly reduced, and the benefits-in terms of both cost and quality-are immense.
RanockSoft understands the changing role of IT in the healthcare continuum and offers customizable IT services to support your healthcare organization and help drive meaningful change.
Managed IT Outsourcing provides a comprehensive IT management solution that is tailored to your hospital with customer-focused management of IT operations, drawing upon infrastructure, application, workplace, and foundational services to help align IT operations with your strategic business goals.
We assume full responsibility for your IT department using a combination of onsite and remote support offerings, industry-leading capabilities, recommended practices and specialist resources, while helping to reduce risk and improve the operational performance of your IT investments.
Your hospital can access a team of IT specialists including site management services, customer service management, technology and application support services.
Managed IT Outsourcing includes:
• Committed partnership with accountability for success
• Optimized support structure tailored for RanockSoft application requirements, as well as support for third-party applications
• Customer-focused management of IT operations
• Assistance with IT strategy, planning and budgeting
• Support from RanockSoft IT specialists
• Affordable, competitive pricing
Managed IT Outsourcing can help your hospital:
• Protect and optimize existing IT investments, while gaining predictability in IT operating expense
• Upgrade IT operations from reactive to proactive with a strategic focus
• Deliver reliable, effective IT services 24/7/365
• Improve end user satisfaction and productivity
• Meet compliance and regulatory requirements
RanockSoft provides comprehensive IT Outsourcing services that are backed by extensive expertise in the healthcare sector. From technical expertise to real-world affordability, Managed IT Outsourcing brings your hospital the powerful, reliable systems, support and services on which today’s technology-driven IT environments and clinicians depend.



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