Banking institutions becoming more flexible and agile with the aim to grow revenue, driving increased efficiency, and ensuring regulatory compliance, result in creating lasting customer relationships.

The backdrop for this is a mission critical technology environment marked by regulatory pressure and heavy IT-dependence.
To top off the struggle, banking has become highly competitive. New entrants are figuring out how to pick off the highest margin products while avoiding the highly-regulated arenas.

And customers themselves are proving very willing to shop for the best rates and bank with multiple providers to get the services they need.
Where there are big challenges in banking that is where you will find RanockSoft.
RanockSoft is helping today’s leading financial institutions establish secure banking solutions unlike any other in the industry.

We are working with our clients to:

  • Re-engineer business processes to comply with new regulations, and harness the power of new technology such as mobile, cloud, and big data
  • Revamp legacy online banking platforms to respond faster to market opportunities
  • Revisit data center infrastructures for better service quality and lower costs
  • Prevent cyber-attacks and other security breaches that tarnish reputations and cause massive investment losses

This breadth and depth of experience enables us to address your varied technology and business needs. RanockSoft delivers proven strategy, mission critical confidence, innovative and robust solutions, and operations support that unlocks our clients’ real value and allows them to stay ahead of the market and their competition.



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