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Specialists from Ranocksoft are widely using the modern .NET technologies to create different types of applications including but not limited to desktop applications, client-server applications, mobile and web applications, etc.

Developers have skills and deep knowledge in core .NET components that include:

  • System namespace;
  • Collections and generic collections (ArrayList, Dictionary, Hashtable, etc.) IO;
  • Drawing;
  • Networking;
  • Multithreading;

As of 2015, Java is one of the most popular programming languages in use, particularly for client-server web applications, with a reported 9 million developers.

Ranocksoft specialists continue to stay on the edge of the Java wave and use even latest additions to the language specification:      

  • Lambda expressions;
  • Binary literals;
  • Strings in switch statement;
  • Generics;
  • Typesafeenums;

Software developers use the standard implementation of Java programming language made by Oracle Corp. and distributed in several different versions: Java SE, Java EE, Java ME, java Embedded. Open-source implementations of Java are also widely used and Ranocksoft has a good experience working with:

  • OpenJDK;
  • HotSpot;
  • JamVM;

In development are widely used the classes as from Java Class Library or the standard library, developed to support application development in Java:

  • Collection classes that implement data structures such as lists, dictionaries, trees, sets, queues and double-ended queue, or stacks;
  • XML Processing (Parsing, SAX, DOM, XSLT Transforming, XPath, Validating) classes;
  • Security classes;
  • Internationalization and localization classes;
  • I/O and networking classes;

And also from third-party libraries and open-source implementations:

  • iBATIS;
  • Hibernate;
  • log4j;

C/C++ development is an important part of Ranocksoft’s portfolio of services. Customers that are looking for a professionally designed and implemented C/C++ solution will find Ranocksoft as a stable and reliable partner for projects of all levels of complexity.

  • System namespace;
  • Collections and generic collections (ArrayList, Dictionary, Hashtable, etc.)IO;
  • Drawing;
  • Networking;
  • Multithreading;

We offer requirement gathering and definition, preparing the technical specifications, architecture and design, implementation, testing, maintenance and technical support for applications that require implementation in C/C++ language. Our highly specialized teams of C/C++ developers are perfectly equipped to develop C/C++ software on demand for diverse industries such as telecom, automotive, finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and manufacturing.


The areas of application in which our C specialists have extensive know-how include product simulations, product life-cycle management, software for embedded systems, infotainment, electro-mobility, speech recognition, CAD-PDM integration, 3D visualization and many more.


Ranocksoft is developing these solutions relying on C/C++ technologies and libraries that include Qt, STL, ATL, WTL, Boost, COM/DCOM, and many others.


Specialists from Ranocksoft use latest language extensions including C 11 standard and latest compilers from open-source community (gcc), Microsoft, and Intel (but not limited to).


Ranocksoft developers are experienced in C/C++ technologies like

  • Desktop frontend: C , Qt, WinAPI, MFC, ATL
  • Frameworks: Qt, Boost
  • Web frontend: QtWebkit
  • Backend / server side: C/C++ , Fortran, TCL, Perl C/C++ development tools
  • Development environments: Qt Creator, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse
  • Builds: make, autotools, MSBuild
  • Testing tools: TestLink, SoapUI, REST Console, NUnit, MS UI Automation Framework



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