Enterprise Library

The Microsoft Enterprise Library offers reusable software components to assist with building .NET applications.

The main goal of the Microsoft Enterprise Library is to address common software needs. It meets this goal by offering reusable software components to assist with building .NET applications.

Ranocksoft developer use the library when building enterprise applications that is comprised of eight application blocks:

  • Data Access simplifies working with an underlining database while providing methods for performing common tasks like calling stored procedures.
  • Exception Handling provides a framework for centralizing exception handling, making it easier to manage exceptions. This application block provides implementations for handling standard exceptions and for creating custom variations.
  • Logging provides everything necessary to create log entries in various locations. Like the other application blocks, it allows you to centralize the functionality and thus spend your time coding application functionality as opposed to standard, repeatable operations like logging.
  • Policy Injection assists with implementing Aspect Oriented Programming techniques within your code. This achieved by intercepting method calls and invoking handlers before and after those methods based on configuration information. 
  • Semantic Logging facilitates using strongly-typed logging (aka semantic) within your application. This provides a more consistent and standard approach to logging, which is beneficial when processing the log data.
  • Transient Fault Handling: Code-named Topaz, it can be used to add support for handling transient faults to your code. These type of faults occur infrequently and often disappear after a few retries. A good example is network issues hampering connecting to a web service.
  • Unity provides a dependency injection container to be used with your code.

Validation provides validation routines for common application functions. This includes user interface adapters for ASP.NET controls.



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